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Коммутатор APC 8 Port Console Port Server ( AP9301) в Москве

Коммутатор APC 8 Port Console Port Server ( AP9301)

Коммутатор APC 8 Port Console Port Server ( AP9301) вид спереди
3 740 р.
112 200 р.

  • Seamless integration with APC Switched Rack PDU- Remote power management allows remote power on, power off and power cycle, reducing the need for service dispatches.
  • Centralized management-Simplify management of the physical infrastructure using a centralized repository accessible from anywhere on the network through a powerful and easy-to-use console application.
  • Authentication- Control user privileges and access rights to protect IT assets from unauthorized individuals.
  • Telnet Management- Provides a simple telnet session or SSH for remote management access.
  • Cascading capabilities- Horizontal console port servers can be cascaded to manage up to 1,024 devices.
  • Exportable reports- Reports can be easily exported into Word, Excel, rtf, and Crystal Reports format, allowing customers to quickly and easily integrate reports into custom presentations or sort information for custom reports.
  • Run command file- Run command file on shutdown sequence as well as start-up sequence.
  • 10/100 BaseT Connection- This reduces a major risk of downtime by providing detailed reports on battery age, load, health, etc facilitating the timely replacement of UPS batteries.
  • Data logging- Identify problematic trends before they escalate or export the data log for analysis.
  • Out-of-band management- Troubleshoot servers and diagnose problems in lieu of a working operating system with POST and BIOS-level access to servers.
  • Rack mountable- Includes horizontal, vertical and toolless-mount capabilities.
  • SNMP management- Monitor and manage a device using industry standard protocol.
  • Access monitoring- Detect access by unauthorized personnel via door switch.
  • Scalability- The extensible platform can be scaled to meet changing business needs and requirements on demand. The management of additional devices is allowed as needed, while powerful facility and service management applications help to expand the product's management capabilities.
  • Reboot equipment remotely- Saves dispatching technicians to remote locations.
  • Configurable actions- The order of start-up sequence or shutdown sequence can be easily configured by dragging the relevant icons on the console screen.
  • Concurrent Deployment and Updates- Decrease set-up time and complexity by simultaneously configuring settings or upgrading firmware for multiple devices.
  • Remote administration- Minimize response times to critical network infrastructure situations with instant, on-demand device access through the primary IP network, console port, or KVM switches.
  • Flash upgradeable firmware- Install maintenance releases of firmware remotely using FTP.
  • Encryption- Helps ensure effective access control and integrity for SSL browser and SSH sessions.
  • Enterprise management system compatible- Manage your APC devices from a single system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) to your preferred enterprise management system.
  • Consolidated Notifications
  • SSH
Коммутатор APC 8 Port Console Port Server ( AP9301)

112 200 р.
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